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Manufacturers of CS-LSA and CS-VLA aircrafts

An ELA1 max 1000 kg category: EASA CS-LSA aircrafts are certified 2-seat aircrafts with an MTOW of 600 kg and a Vs of 83 km/h equipped with a piston engine and VFR non-acrobatic operation only. - CS-VLA (Certification Specification for Very Light Aircraft) are certified aircrafts with 1 or 2 seats, MTOW of 750 kg and a stallspeed of max. 83 km/h. and VFR only.

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Aero & Tech

A CS VLA and FAR23 aircraft. Email for more information...........


Aquila A 210

AQUILA Technische Entwicklungen GmbH prondly presents you the Aquila A 210, a new and innovative 2-seat-single-engine aircraft in full composite construction, designed for basic and advanced training and affordable cruising, fully certified under EASA CS-VLA rules within Europe.


AT-3 VLA from Aero Ltd.

AT-3 is one of few all metal aeroplanes certified by EASA in the VLA (Very Light Aeroplane) category.


ELA1 Aircrafts

Read more about ELA1 aircrafts on CAA UK's website.

United Kingdom

FK Lightplanes

The ELA (European Light Aircraft) is an Evolution of the Fk9 Mark IV, targeting more on private pilots looking for more endurance, comfort, luggage space and other details to allow comfortable long and fast cruise flights.


Flight Design CTLS (ELA1)

A CTLS did show the actual possibilities in the EASA ELA 1 (European Light Aircraft) class in Europe. The CTLS will be certified by EASA beginning of 2011 and with 600 kg MTOW can be flown either with JAR-FCL, PPL, NPPL or the new LAPL Pilot License.



H.F. Dorna is an Iranian private joint stock company specializing in design and manufacture of light aircraft , covering CS-VLA and JAR-23 categories and Free Bird LSA aircraft based on ASTM.


Nordic Aircraft

Nordic Aircraft is developing a top quality and high performance composite light sport aircraft designed to the CS-VLA code. With a maximum take off weight of 560 kg and a stall speed below 65 km/h at 450 kg, it will comply to many aircraft classes including ML, VLA and LSA.


P2002-JR from Tecnam

The P2002-JR (compliant to EASA CS-VLA) matches any possible customer desire. The Tecnam P2002, a simphony of aerodynamic and structure effectiveness.


Sportstar RTC

Evektor has launched serial production of the EASA CS-LSA SportStar RTC – an advanced PPL training aircraft, setting a new standard for flight school training in Europe and meeting the new EASA…

Czech Republic

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