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Ultralight and microlight aviation sites from Russia

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Club ULM Rotor

A side-by-side for training purposes.

Manufacturers of 3-axis ultralight/microlight/LSA aircraft.

Glonass, the Russian way.

GLONASS (GLObal NAvigation Satellite System) is a satellite based radionavigation system which enables unlimited number of users to make all-weather 3D positioning, velocity measuring and timing anywhere in the world or near-Earth space.

Satellite Navigation for pilots

Joint Federation of Ultralight Aviation of Russia

Only in Russian language, but you may find links til lot of Russian UL clubs.

Organizations - ultralight aviation organizations


Here you will find information about our design bureau, our products - Aviatika-MAI-890 family, Aviatika-MAI-900 etc

Manufacturers of 3-axis ultralight/microlight/LSA aircraft.


Изделия ОКБ "Ротор"........we hope for an English version.

Sales-Service-Parts-Equipment for ultralight aviators - ROW

Samara VVV-Avia

Samara VVV-Avia is a privately owned company that benefits from a longstanding tradition of light aircraft (heavier that LSA) construction and development. Currently the company manufactures two types of airplanes: Elitar-202 and Elitar-Sigma for private and business use. Both airplanes are perfect for pilot training, patrolling, tourism and recreation.

Manufacturers of 3-axis ultralight/microlight/LSA aircraft.

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